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Monday, January 14, 2013

How to download or backup your mail messages from Gmail

Gmail offers us the ability to download all our messages into a POP client, such as Mozilla's Thunderbird, Microsoft's Outlook, etc. Once configured, these POP client downloads and stores local copies of email messages to your hard disk, so you can access them offline.
Here are the steps:
1. If you don't have a POP client installed on your computer, please download one. I recommend using Mozilla's Thunderbird since it's very easy to use. You can download it from
2. After installing the POP client (or if you already have any), first login to your Gmail account. On the top right you'll see Gear icon, click setting. Please look at the picture below:

3. On "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab, you'll have to enable POP for all mail, and on step 2, don't forget to choose to keep the emails on your Gmail's inbox. Then save the changes you've made.

4. Open the POP client, and fill in your login credentials into it, and then click get Mail button on the top left side (if you are using Mozilla's Thunderbird).
And bingo..the emails are being downloaded from your Gmail account.

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