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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Drupal Search Issue Fix with preg_replace error

Note: this change was needed due to a PCRE (PHP library) Update that cause Drupal search failing with preg_replace error


After a PHP update, the search function becomes malfunction, it return error message
"You must include at least one positive keyword with 3 characters or more"

It is required to update some configuration on the system.
Here are some links that can tell us about the issue:


To fix this issue, we must update the file using the update suggested here

1. Open this file:
2. Go to line 76
3. Replace this code
'\x{D800}-\x{F8FF}\x{FB29}\x{FD3E}-\x{FD3F}\x{FDFC}-\x{FDFD}' .
with this one:
'\x{E000}-\x{F8FF}\x{FB29}\x{FD3E}-\x{FD3F}\x{FDFC}-\x{FDFD}' .

the difference is only the "D800" and "E000", and we need to change the "D800" to "E000"

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